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Hi! Hi every one! I like to talk to all of you about my 4th movie your not alone it will come soon. I have 5 movies and 7 show I know that's a lot but why not more movies and shows means more awesome stuff! If this is boring here are some dancing birdsI'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon I'M A BIRD - Icon  all of you good ok I love dancing birds! ok lets start the preview!  
" One day at a beautiful town their was a girl name Carla everyday she would be sad and crying because she lots her best friend by being killed by some one nobody knows who did it. Carla just wanna to be loved but nobody does her sister hate her,her mother never listens, and every one thinks she weird. But then a boy name mike came to her life to help her find joy."
I hope you enjoy
A long time in a island far away God look down from that island and made a beautiful woman name Zana. She look around she love it here so much she was happy here. Then one day Zana was not happy any more she was alone and sad so God made a beautiful man name Yonder he came down and saw Zana he see how beautiful she is and wanted to talk to her but she got scared and run away from him Yonder went to go find he then he did but Zana got scared but he said in a sweet voices "It's okay I won't hurt you I want to know you that's all I know your scared,lost,and alone but your not alone any more because i'm here with you I will always be here with you forever". Zana look and smile at him and said "thank you for this now I know I'm not alone because I got your and God". A few weeks later they kiss under a beautiful tree and got married under the stars at night. A few months later they both made a specials water to make more males and females like them Zana pray to God to make a girl a few days later a girl came for the water and her name is daisy Zana said hi to her but she didn't say hi back she just went to the other side and made a wall she did that for a good reason because God said to daisy "you and your people will be thief so that your sister will meet a boy they will love each other and make peaces with all of you"So years came and all people came to the good side or the thief side and some day the boy and thief will meet
The sum of six children who live with each other and don't want to live with their Dads - mom anymore because they don't trust them anymore and they're always at work And besides they miss their Their moms - bad when they dies of a fire when they were 9 What if I was to make sure that she takes good care of her sisters and her friends I'll tell you more about them next time But I hope you enjoy this